Hi, I'm Max Tottenham, a C++ Software Engineer.
Currently working for SquarePoint Capital.

Kernel Programming (xv6) - Step 0, Build Environments

Cross compiling with GCC for fun and profit!

Today we’ll go through setting up the development environment for XV6. XV6 is a small Unix clone developed by MIT to aid in their 6.828 Operating System Engineering course. I’m going to be loosely following along with the course material, but we’ll take some extended detours into topics that I find interesting. Accompanying the MIT course material there is also a small book for XV6 that goes through much of the theory. I’d highly recommend reading it, but it’s by no means required if you just want to follow along with this blog.

Learning Systems and Kernel Programming

'Wait, what?' - Me every day

I’ve been toying around with setting up a website for a while now. Partially motivated by having a place to keep some interesting links handy, and partially as an open journal/learning diary. I enjoy learning about new (to me at-least) concepts, technologies, and systems. So why not join me on my journey to learn some stuff, I’m going to attempt a post a week, some weeks I might get stuck on a problem and curse that I ever started this project. Hopefully my floundering will entertain, but who knows maybe we’ll all learn something in the process.